Organically reared fresh meet, canned meat, Zaļā karotīte (Green spoon) Organic cattle breeding does not use hormones and antibiotics, livestock lives in conditions, which are maximally close to natural. Biological certification strictly controls all links of the chain to guarantee 100% organically reared meat. We buy it from certified organic farms in Latvia. Our biggest cooperation partners are: SIA Bormaņi, SIA Serviss LB, farm Vārpas, farm Beverīnas and farm Pelavas.

We offer organically reared, fresh meat, sausages, snacks, dried meat products and canned meat

  • beef;
  • young beef;
  • veal;
  • mutton;
  • lamb.

Zaļā karotīte (Green spoon) is granted to those products manufactured in Latvia from local raw materials and meeting increased quality requirements, not containing GMO and synthetic colours. The companies, which have been granted Green spoon mark, are regularly checked by the Latvian State Food and Veterinary Service, thus guaranteeing unchangeable quality standards.