The slaughterhouse of SIA Aibi, which is located in Ineši, Vecpiebalga District, is one of the biggest and most up-to-date slaughterhouses in Latvia. It is provided with new-generation equipment, which is made in the EU. The company slaughters livestock in conformity with the animal welfare and HACCP requirements. Carcasses in the slaughterhouse are certified by a certified classifier. Livestock owners can participate in the process of weighing and classifying carcasses. We offer slaughter service.

The company holds the following certificates:

  • A certificate of the Food and Veterinary Service for slaughter of cattle and sheep;
  • HALAL CERTIFICATE. In 2013, the company obtained a HALAL certificate and a permit from the Veterinary and Food Service to slaughter cattle and sheep by HALAL method in conformity with animal protection regulations;
  • Bio certificate. Obtained in 2015;
  • ISO FSSC 22000 certificate. In 2016, the company received the international ISO FSSC 22000 certificate;
  • Zaļā karotīte (Green spoon). In 2016, SIA Aibi received a conformity certificate allowing the production of fresh meat marked with Zaļā karotīte, which meets increased quality requirements.


We offer meat cutting, packaging, as well as storage, ageing and freezing services. Our offer includes:

  • chilled or frozen meat with or without bone;
  • meat and offal in transport packaging, vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP);
  • frozen meat in vacuum or containers;
  • frozen meat in transport packaging.


Meat products are produced from high-quality meat, and spices using special technologies and Europe’s most up-to-date meat processing equipment. Meat products are only produced from freshly chilled meat obtained at the company’s slaughterhouse from animals reared in Latvia or from game. SIA Aibi undertakes the full responsibility while monitoring the production chain from farm to table.The meat processing plant in Ērgļi manufactures about 30 different types of canned meat, beef and game snacks, as well as sausage, minced meat, dried and smoked meat products. We offer meat processing services – we can prepare sausages, canned meat, dried, smoked meat products and snacks.

We also produce products with your own brand (private label).


We offer a full range of services related to obtaining game, from buying game to its processing and trade. We buy game: elks, deer and roes, as well as buy their meat, either processed or cut. We offer the service of first processing at the slaughterhouse, cutting of game meat, its packaging, freezing and storage. We also process game into sausages, canned meet, smoked and dried meat products, or snacks.


SIA Aibi is a full-cycle meat processing plant providing the whole process, from obtaining meat to the manufacture and delivery of ready products.

The company has received a Food and Veterinary Service certificate for the transportation of livestock. We offer our business partners livestock transportation services with specially equipped vehicles in conformity with the animal welfare requirements. The cars are also equipped with scale for weighing livestock.

We offer the service of transporting chilled, frozen meat or carcasses on hooks at temperatures ranging between 0 and +3⁰C or at – 18⁰C.